What is Elderplanning?

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric Care Managers Reduce Hospitalization and Crisis for Older Adults
Couple meeting with advisorAn unbiased professional who assists older people and their families in the coordination of home care, residential care, alternative care and how to finance those options. The care manager can serve as a consultant, an advisor, a mediator, an advocate, a problem solver and a coach. Services range from a one time consultation to create an action plan to ongoing care management for the older person in the absence of family or other supports.

Why spend your energy, time and money running from nursing home to nursing home, contacting government agencies, surfing the internet and making countless phone calls?

One phone call may be all you need.
Call or e-mail us if:

  • You have a parent or other loved one who needs help
  • You need to find a geriatric care manager in another geographical location
  • You are in crisis and you don’t know where to start looking for help
  • You have any kind of eldercare or elderplanning question which will help you to plan for your aging family’s future.

Initial telephone or e-mail consultation
Sometimes it just takes a phone call to get the direction you need or to help you to structure your priorities. Don’t hesitate to call or email us to discuss your situation. If your family member does not reside in a local area, we can also help to guide you to a care manager nearest you.

Initial Assessment
We will work with you to create an eldercare plan best suited to your personal goals, preferences, needs and financial situation. We can also help you to coordinate and monitor your options.

Comprehensive care plan/Eldercare Assessment
The Care Plan is a tool which puts any and all services and programs in place to meet the older person’s comprehensive needs. We help you to create a plan and then process the plan for you. The goal is to keep the older person at home as long as and as safely as possible; or to find the residential alternatives best suited to the persons needs and preferences.

Ongoing care management
We fill the role of “surrogate” family for those who have no able or available family. We can accomodate visits weekly, monthly, quarterly, as-needed–whatever schedule best meets your needs. We monitor home help services, quality of life issues and are the liaison between client, family, doctor, homecare and other service professionals. While the goal of care management is to prevent crisis —we also are your coach and advocate when transitions occur.

Medicare and medicaid do not reimburse for care management services. If you have a long term care policy, care management/coordination is covered by long term care insurance.

All of the services provided by CNY Elderplanning are completely personal and confidential.

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